Epson L800 printer Review & Download driver

Review Epson L800 printer, download epson l800 printer

As a Mac user, printers have always been not so much of options for me. Therefore, I’d rather pay to get documents printed than set up a printer or even connect to a printer. However, from the point of view of a person who really dislike printers, Epson Inkjet Photo L800 printer was completely over my expectation.

Review Epson L800 printer

According to the brand, Epson Inkjet Photo L800 is the first photo branded printer in the world with an integrated ink tank system which able to provide high volume prints with low running cost. It was larger than my expectation.

At first, I had to access to Epson’s website to download the printer driver. This process took a while before I could get it connect to my Mac device and try to print. I almost gave up at this initial set-up step. Fortunately, the original ink tank system had been linked already so it did not take me more time.

At the first attempt for printing A4 photos, I was impressed with the quality. I just simply printed the original photos whose size is 4MB without any edit and the color was rich and vibrant. For print option, I selected whichever border style I like (polaroid to no border, etc..) I was a little bit confused when tried figuring out how to slot the photo paper in. I printed a number of photos whose size are 10×15 cm and a few A4 photos.

Epson claimed that the ink tank system of the Epson L800 is able to print up to 1800 photos whose size are 10 x 15 cm which cost R0.60 for each print. It takes 13 seconds for each print at that size with the resolution of 5760 dpi in maximum. The L800’s ink tank system consist of 6 ink bottles (70 ml each) with unique code for each bottles. Thanks to the filters inside printer bottles, ink wastage from evaporation is prevented.

Unfortunately, I could not try out Epson Creativity Suite software which is another function comes along with this printer because there is no optical driver that can go along with my Macbook Air. According to the introduction, this software allows you to fix red eyes, enhance the photo’s quality and print directly after editing photos.

Although the printer is a little too large, it is impressive because of the high quality photos printing. The color of photos is rich and vibrant. If Epson Inkjet Photo L800 had Ethernet port or wireless capabilities, I would not be going to worry about the size at all.

Download Epson L800 printer driver

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