Review Epson L120 Printer – How to install

Users of Epson L120 printer can enjoy high page returns at minimal running cost thanks to Epson’s established original ink container system. For every Epson L120 printer you purchase, you will get set of 40 ml CMYK printer bottles with additional 70 ml ink bottles at just US$5.50 for every bottles.

Review epson l120 printer

Review Epson L120 printer

Epson L120 – A High Printing Speed

Epson manufacturer has been constantly developed the printing speed of their printer in order to meet the demand of small enterprise. The printing speed of Epson L120 printer can reach to 8.6 ipm for monochrome prints and 4.5 ipm for color ones. With this printing speeds, Epson L120 is claimed to satisfy the printing needs and provide productivity for enterprise.

12-month Warranty printer

Not only does Epson L120 have improved its printing speeds, but also Epson L120 brings customers the peace of minds as it offer the 12-month warranty or 1,5000 prints whichever comes first. Therefore, customer can enjoy high volume pages return at low expense without worry.

Easy to refill with Epson L120 printer

This Epson printer allows customers to refill easily. Epson L120 is designed with special tubes inside the printer. Thanks to these tubes, the ink flow remain smooth and clear.

Epson L120 has a Compact desktop design

Epson L120 is a ideal printer for home use or at an office where space is a topic of concern. It has compact desktop design which does not take up much rooms in your office. Besides, thanks to the small footprint, you can place Epson L120 at any orner of your office.

Provide High Quality Prints with Ultra Low Cost

Thanks to the ink tank system provided by Epson, Epson L120 is able to provide high volume prints with high quality at minimal cost.

Also, every ink bottles is sealed carefully in order to prevent the contamination to affect the purify and quality of ink. You should purchase the authentic ink bottles to enjoy the best performance from this L-Series printer with the lowest producing costs in the world.

Install Epson L120 printer driver Step by Step

Epson L120 is easy to install. It only takes few steps before you can start printing.

Firstly, connect the printer with power sources and connect your PC/Laptop with the printer via a USB cable.

Then, open the printer driver files in your computer. If it has not been available yet, download the printer driver in the link below.

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Download Epson L120 printer driver Here

Next, double-click in the driver file, a window will pop up and you can start installation.

After follow every steps provides by the installation window, click Finish off to finish.

Finally, test if the printer function normally.

After a period of using, your computer will experience an error of overflowing the waste ink counter, which prevents waste ink from spilling out, causing printer damage.

However, when the waste toner counter is overflowed> = 100% the printer stops functioning.

To fix this, you can completely fix it yourself without having to bring it to a repair center.

You can read more in this article: Resetter Epson L120 – Free WIC Reset Key

How do I know if the printer is overflowing the waste ink counter?: The identifying signs are: the printer blinks red light continuously, an error message “ink pads are at the end of their service life” appears - If this post usefull for you. Please share this post to to your friends by click LIKE FACEBOOK or Google PLUS button(Thanks!).

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