Review Epson L210 – All in One Printer – Download Driver

Are you looking for a good printer at office or home with low printing cost? You might consider Epson L210. For a printer, Epson L210 has multifunction which includes print, scan and copy. Although the price is high, at Rs. 10K approximately but it is worth your money.

The Design and Installation of Epson L201

Epson L210 printer
Epson L210

Epson L201 is smaller than others printer in the same kind and it doesn’t take much of the space to keep this printer. The tank was designed to be seen through to check ink level. It’d better refill the tank when ink level drops to lower level. Besides, all the buttons are on the front side so it is easy to use.

Take the protective tapes off from the L210 after un-wrapping the machine. The next thing to do is to charge ink to the printer. First, pour the ink from bottle into the ink tank. Do the same when you refill the ink tank. Next, push on the power button and press another button which I will show you in the enclosed video to charge the ink. The whole process will completed after 20 minutes.

Finally, install the software for the device and ask to connect to printer.

How Much Does The L201 Cost?

It costs you nearly Rs. 10,000 to own a Epson 201 printer and Rs. 375 for the ink bottle. You have optimal ink usage. The amount of pages which is printed by per black ink bottle can up to 4000 pages. Normally, the numbers of pages that can be printed by an ink tank is less than 4000 pages depending on your usage.

The L201 Review

It is a compact which are convenient for home and office use. I am satisfied by optimal ink usage and ultra low cost running. It provides high quality printouts with vivid black/white or color.

This printer is suitable for those whose has high requirement in printout. If not, it is still a reasonable attractive choice. Although the initial investment is high, it has low price printing cost for the long term.

Question about Epson L210

There is a common question about how to reset the counter of Epson L210 printer because its number of pages is limited. The answer is you should bring it to Epson service centre and ask them to help you reset the printer.

How to download Epson L210 printer driver?

+ Step 1: Download Epson L210 Printer driver here

+ Step 2: Double click and run Driver Setup Wizard and follow instruction to install epson l210 printer driver - If this post usefull for you. Please share this post to to your friends by click LIKE FACEBOOK or Google PLUS button(Thanks!).

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