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The HP DeskJet 3050 is a next model up of the DeskJet 1050 belonging to the entry-level general-purpose all-in-one range. Here is my review about this printer.

The Performance of HP DeskJet 3050

Review HP DeskJet 3050

The colors are good and clean, but there are some slight banding and blurring in text over solid colors. The hue colors of copy page are similar to the origin. However, the text belongs to solid areas are considered to be noticeable. A color photo on HP Advanced glossy paper is good with different shades, but it isn’t bright as other machines in the range.

The draft mode performance of HP DeskJet 3050 which rated 20ppm and 16ppm is faster than DeskJet 1050, meanwhile, there are no differences between these two in normal mode. In reality test, the speed of HP DeskJet 3050 is 7.3ppm, slower than DeskJet 1050 with the speed of 7.9ppm.

The differences in other speeds of these two printers are about a couple of seconds. The HP DeskJet’s speed to print five document pages is 5.5ppm, twenty document pages is 6.4pmm. The print speed of five document pages with black text and colorful graphics reaches 2.3pmm, but a single document page color copy was printed in 28s.

Some blurring around some characters, some fade strokes and misplaced ink dots make the text print quality become below average. The same mistakes happen in draft mode prints.

The Features and Design of HP DeskJet

The HP DeskJet 3050 is a next model up of the DeskJet 1050 belonging to the entry-level general-purpose all-in-one range. In spite of its cheaper look, the DeskJet is claimed to be faster and equipped with a 38mm LCD.

There are seven flexible-strip control buttons to cancel print process, to print quick forms, to turn the wireless transceiver on and off, to scan documents. Besides, it contains three soft buttons linked to the LCD display to control different functions in the menu context.

The DeskJet 3050 includes indicators for both of the inkjet cartridges, one for errors, one to indicate wireless activity and one set into the circular power button, which pulses gently when the machine is in standby.

The designs of DeskJet 3050 and DeskJet 1050 are quite identical, but the high-gloss top surface is different with a dark brown color. The paper tray with glossy finish and a maroon go-faster stripe highlights the join between the scanner and its cover, flips up from its resting place on top of the printer. The same color was chosen for the paper guide.

Total Assessment of DeskJet 3050

The speed of this machine is acceptable but the print quality in reality test is not good enough. The LCD display can be considered as a useful tool to control the printer. The poor text print quality may be an issue from this particular review sample, the fact that the same engine can vary between models may cast doubt on quality control within the range.

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