Full Review Epson L1800 printer

Epson L1800 is the most recent inkjet printer provide by Epson. This printer adopts the unique Ink Tank Program technology of Epson. Thanks to the advanced technology, Micro Piezo, the new inkjet printer of Epson will provide the best quality photos with low running expense.

Full Review Epson L1800 printer

Epson L1800 printer Support Bigger Printing

The Epson L1800 is capable of printing picture up to A3+ dimension. It is likely that this printer is very suitable for picture printing. Obviously, there is a number of other pictures dimensions that continues to be back. The L1800 can provide the finest photo density so the quality of every picture will remain high. This printers is an efficient tools related to paperwork, photos and pictures.

Epson L1800 printer – Ultra-Low-Cost Running Printer

In the market, there are some manufacturers lock their customer into cheap printers and ask them to pay for ink refills with unreasonable price meanwhile all customers want a good printer with affordable price and reasonable running cost.

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To have a long investment, you should buy Epson printer because this printer use their unique ink tank which will provide top quality print and reduce running cost considerably.

The brand new Ink Tank Program from Epson divides each color printer ink into their separated bottles. Therefore, you only have to refill the bottle that run out of ink, not the whole cartridge including all color.

Epson L1800 printer - Ultra-Low-Cost Running Printer

Besides, as the same ink can be used through all Printer ink Tank System ink jet printers, manufacturing cost will be much cheaper.

Also, thanks to Ink tank system, now you only have to buy the ink color you need, instead of buying different costly printer ink cartridge. For instance, if you print a high volume of document, the black ink will run out quite fast, in this case, you only need to buy bottles of black ink.

Utilizing Mini Piezo for Top Quality Borderless Picture

Unlike many inkjet printer, Epson L1800 support to print borderless pictures. Customers can print pictures at home with reasonable price.

Epson inkjet printer adopts Micro Piezo technology which is a professional printing mind technology. This advanced technology allows the printer to perform printing with excellent accuracy as well as dependability and cost-saving. Perhaps, Epson is the only organization applying piezoelectric printing into production in the world.

Effortlessly Setup

Epson inkjet printer has a friendly design which allows the individuals to run it effortlessly without worrying about break the equipment.

The set up process is very simple with a COMPACT DISC that goes along with the printer. The printer has 4 control key buttons. There are the power button, the paper button which consumes document when the printer has run out of paper, the ink button which is responsible for refilling when the device is run out of ink and the rubbish container button which will terminate the present printing work. In fact, these 4 buttons are self-explanatory.

Furthermore, the Epson software program about the computer is easy to use. All errors will be shown on the windows over, and also ample troubleshoot will certainly be recommended.

epson l1800 printer

Consumers can access to all settings and fast functions with one click at the symbol of printer at the taskbar.

All control keys and features of Epson L1800 are nicely classified and accessible. Epson utilizes Home window types for their discussion of the control panel as folks are the most made use of to it. Therefore, user will have no difficult to work with Epson’s interface.

My experience with Epson L1800 printer

Obviously, you cannot tell anything about a printer just by looking at its specification. I had a chance to examine the Epson L1800 printer on a special event(For more information from the event and Epson ink jet printers used, visit right here). To be honest, I am impressive by the performance of Epson L1800.

During a several hours, Epson L1800 printer printed about 200 photographs in minimum without refilling. It is proved that the printing expense of the L1800 is quite low due to its efficient utilization of ink.

Epson L1800 had become the hero of the event when their photo was shown to everybody. Plus, this printer is fit to any place in your house or workplace.

The Epson L1800 is a professional printing printer. By using the brand new Epson Printer ink Container Program technologies, this printer might be the most affordable and energy packed printer on the market. The main targets of this printer are those work at home, office and expert SMEs.

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