Review Epson L555 printer and download drivers

As well as Epson L355, Epson L555 printer belongs to the EcoTank range provided by Epson.

Epson L555 printer is going to be the solution for the anxiety of many customers about the costly ink replenishment as well as small-size ink cartridges.

Review epson L555

All about Epson EcoTank L555 printer

Unlike the previous printer/ink paradigm, the newly released range including EcoTank L355 and the Epson L555 uses ink container, in hook-on modules attached to the printers’ sides. With this Ecotank range, customers are no longer to worry about the costly ink anymore.

The key features of Epson L555 printer is that it has the supplied ink which can print up to 6500 page with only £36. It is a wireless device so it can print directly from the operating of Android and iOS. Another remarkable point is that it has straightforward controls.

As mentioned, the ink containers are attached to the printer’s sides and it also connect directly to the head of printer through a flexible tubes that can contain 70ml of ink. With this ink capacity, Epson L555 is able to print up to 4000 pages in monochromes and 6500 pages in colour. This printer is suitable for small office or home use.

Design and Features of Epson EcoTank L555 printer

With exception of the tank modules, the Epson EcoTank L555 is look alike other conventional al-in-one device. It has 30-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) on the top of the machine. There is a wide control panel with logical arrangement. However, with 2 line by 16 character LCD screen, this design could make customer harder to preview photos for printing. It is not so much an issue because the L555 is not a photo printer. Another disadvantage of this EcoTank Printer is that it has no card or ports in the front panel. Also, Epson L555 can’t produce borderless prints.

Epson EcoTank L555 printer has a paper tray with the capacity of 100 sheets. This tray is placed angled nearly vertically at the back. You can connect to your printer via a USB socket at the rear or via Wi-Fi system. If it does not for the ink containers, the L555 is quite similar to £100 WorkForce WF-2630WF.

How to install cartridge of Epson L555 printer

It takes more time to set up the printer than clip in cartridges. Fortunately, customer have to do it only one times per 2 years.

Firstly, remove the ink tank module from the side of the printer and turn it on its side. Then open the ink container by remove a plug and then squeeze the ink bottlesslightly to pour the ink into the cartridge. Be careful when you tear the seals from the neck of ink bottle apart.

The printing speed of Epson L555

Although Epson brand claimed that they apply the ISO standard when measuring the printing speed, there is a different between the data that Epson announced and the real test.

According to the manufacturer, the printing rate of Epson EcoTank L555 is 9 pages per minutes (ppm) in black-and-white and 5 ppm for color. However, these data seems to be ambitious when compared with real-world test,

In real world test procedure, the Epson L555 is able to print 7.8 ppm for mono prints for 20-page document and 7.3 ppm for 5-page document. It only provides 2 .5 ppm in color, half of the claimed data. The L555 take about 2 minutes to print photos whose size is 10 x 15 cm in color with the best quality. This means Epson L555 is improved on this to 1:13 in normal mode of Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

Printer Epson EcoTank L555: Quality and Cost

In comparison with other Epson printers using conventional cartridges, the print quality is no different. However, in contrast of Canon and HP’s thermal inkjets, it can be seen that black texts the L555 provided is not as sharp as these two printers’ though it does have good quality. As well as that, The color is not as bright as the other. Overall, text over color and photo print quality is fine.

The most remarkable things about Epson EcoTank L555 is that it offers low running cost. It can print up to 4000 pages with a single £9 black ink bottle which means it cost you 1.1p for per pages prints while color prints cost you only 1.5p (both include 0.7p for paper).

Why should you buy this Epson L555 printer

You might wonder why you should spend £350 for a printer why you could get a inkjet printer with the same functions at £100 plus £36 for set of ink bottles?

Nowadays, many manufactures lure customers by many printer with cheap price but unreasonably high ink refill fee. Epson has gone against this by offering customer a range of printer with low running expense. However, the initial price of those printer might make you hesitate but it is worth the price for long term sake.

For instance, if you calculate the expense you have to pay for Epson’s own WorkForce WF-2630WF and the ink cartridges to print 4000 mono pages and 6500 colour ones, you have to pay about £800 in total. That’s the difference between the Epson L555 printer with other printers.

Overall, Epson EcoTank L555 is a good selection for those who wants to save money on running cost. However, if you want to duplex print or print borderless photos, then it won’t be out of your option.

Download Epson L555 printer driver

Download Epson L555 printer driver for Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1, Windows 10, Driver for Mac and Linux Ubuntu here

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